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The BC CoHab is a flexible purpose office space built for startups, small non-profits, and anyone looking for meeting space or simply a quiet place to get work done. We provide access to a professional environment including innovative workspace, internet, utilities, conference rooms, and more. Choose from different membership options for any circumstance.


The Buy Local Market is a shared retail space, online store, and shared branding campaign by startups and small businesses in Battle Creek and Calhoun County. We offer retail space for entrepreneurs to sell their locally-made products, an online store to sell products far and wide, as well as a shared "Buy Local Market" brand and web directory for locally-owned businesses of all kinds.



Inge's Place was created in September 2013 to transform our building into a local economy center to incubate and showcase solutions. We believe in the power of locally-owned businesses and startups as well as the entrepreneurial capacity of non-profit social enterprises and cooperative forms of ownership. We have The BC CoHab, which is a 3,800 sqft flexible purpose office space built to foster the kind of economic revitalization we need in Battle Creek. Our Buy Local Market is a shared retail space in our building for entrepreneurs to sell their locally-made products, an online store for those same products, and a shared brand for area small businesses. Together, we believe these solutions can play a pivotal role in revitalizing our local economy.

Our Building at 26 Michigan Ave. East

Our building was built in 1901 as the headquarters of the Battle Creek Gas Company. It was sold to the Ermisch Travel Company in 1961 to become their headquarters. Then in 1963 our family bought Ermisch Travel and the building, where we've been operating our travel agency ever since. Now we've mixed it up a bit by creating a "local economy center" to incubate and showcase solutions.

We're redeveloping our building to the highest level of energy efficiency with flexible purpose office space that's the most technologically-advanced in the area and a shared retail space that captivates the imagination. We believe in enhancing the historical character of our building, while maximizing its energy efficiency and integrating it with nature to create a one of a kind space.

Contact Us

Visit Us @ 26 Michigan Ave East, Battle Creek, Michigan 49017

Call Us @ (269) 962-6255 (They'll say "Ermisch Travel" and that's our travel agency, so we use the same phone number.)

Email Us @ info (at)


We're not around right now. But you can send us an email and we'll get back to you, asap.


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